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Trump Unveils Annihilatrix

Washington D.C. -

“Welcome to you’re ‘doom’” could be read on a postcard the president held as he stood before a massive engine, approximately three hundred thousand times that found on each side of a Boeing 787 Max jet, set inside a giant metal structure serving as a massive brace.  “Behold!  The Annihilatrix!  I shall use its million gigatons of thrust to push the Earth into the sun!” the president exclaimed to a crowd of reporters.  “Look upon my creation and dispair!”  Annihilatrix Program Manager Phil told reporters “the fusion chamber alone cost $9B, and the thrusters are another $4B. We were also able to reroute the couplings to prevent future melting”. 

Trump’s Annihilatrix announcement came as a surprise to many who assumed he didn’t have the budget to run with the big dogs.  

Photo Credit - Frisky Dingo and Adult Swim


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