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Trump University Study: Green Energy Bad

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Science Department, Trump University -

A lot of people don’t realize how dangerous green energy really is, and the science is tremendous, believe me. Windmills cause cancer, solar panels are causing AIDS and sending light back into space which could give away our position to alien life... NOT GOOD!

50% of solar energy is “waste energy” that gives off new types of radiation never seen before, tremendous radiation, much more powerful than the sun, and it’s causing cancer like you’ve never seen before. This waste can only be disposed of in a special waste volcano, and if you try to use that light energy, your phone could explode like the Samsung Galaxy.

Water energy is bad too. Dams can break. Floods. It happened in Nashville. Ask those people. Look at Houston. Water didn’t help them. Water drowns people. Look it up. Flint Michigan knows the deadly harm water can do if you drink it. Stay away from water. Brawndo is the way to go there.

Windmills are killing birds and knocking down planes. I saw one windmill fall off its tower spinning so fast, it took off and cut the nearby city right in half. They’re dangerous. Did I mention they cause cancer? Scientists need to be working on a vaccine that prevents windmill cancer, because green energy will kill you. SAD!

Windmill seen here causing cancer


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