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Trump Talks Science and Philosophy

White House -

The first photo of any black hole ever seen recently got me thinking about the cosmos, and how I don’t believe science and philosophy are incompatible. I think that you can ponder what could be while accepting what is, always willing to change your mind on the evidence alone. Black holes are a mystery in many ways, none more striking than their sheer power, the ability to break math. Think about that. The greatest mysteries surrounding black holes include questions like, what is at the center? What happens to matter that becomes infinitely dense? How did supermassive black holes come into existence in such a short time? Do black holes lead to other universes?

But science gets crazier than black holes. Dark matter is a name for a phenomenon we simply don’t understand: stars on the edges of spiral galaxies spin at the same rate as stars closer in, which should send the stars flying into deep space, but they don’t. Something keeps them stuck to the galaxy, and we just call that Dark Matter, but we really have no idea if it’s matter at all. It’s just a placeholder for “I dunno”.

Same thing with Dark Energy. We have no idea what it is, we only know it is a another placeholder for a phenomenon where we observe the universe expanding and that expansion is accelerating! Crazy, right? The expansion is getting faster, and we don’t know why, so: Dark Energy.

What about quantum mechanics? That doesn’t add up with Relativity. They are incompatible. But neither can be falsified. Quantum mechanics and relativity have passed every test put to these theories, yet they do not align with each other. There is no Grand Unified Theory to connect them.

The duality of light in the world of quantum mechanics acts both like a particle and a wave, and due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, nothing below a certain scale can be observed precisely. Even shining one photon of light for observation will change the velocity of a subatomic particle and affect the result of the test. If particles do not have definite positions and velocities until observed, this could be the result expected in a simulation. The cosmos, even "empty" space, is not actually empty, but is permeated by the Higgs Field, and if we think of this as the hard drive or processor in an advanced quantum computer, every option for a particle or string is available in the Higgs Field but doesn't exist in any particular place, with certainty, until observed. If this universe is code, it explains why there are laws of physics, why the stars on the edges of galaxies don’t fly into space despite traveling as fast as stars closer in, and why there was exactly enough matter in this universe to not collapse in on itself nor accelerate so fast that matter couldn’t form. It was the perfect balance and statistically speaking, it is unlikely to be so precise unless A. We live in a boundless universe where every possible variation is happening somewhere (multiverse) or we live in a simulation inside a compartment of another, larger universe, perhaps one with different laws of physics and different elements.

Moore’s Law will hurl humanity into technology we do not have the capacity to dream, and in a universe this large, there must be life much older than ours with technology exponentially greater than carbon life can imagine. Imagine the potential power of AI after a centuries of advancement and mechanization…

Perhaps we should apply Occam’s Razor and say since we can never observe anything outside of our universe, we should cut out the simulation and multiverse theories and say that so far as we know, 13.7B years ago, a hot ball of energy of zero size suddenly inflated into a universe of matter and antimatter, almost exactly the same amount, that collided with each other and created the most incredible explosion, and with ever so slightly more matter than antimatter, subatomic particles formed into the first atoms of hydrogen, helium, and traces of lithium.

These elements slowly condensed into clouds of gas so heavy, atoms of hydrogen ignited through fusion to form more helium. Eventually, enough mass and heat will cause helium to fuse, and so forth down the line of elements, with each layer of fusion, a different level of energy is released until the star gets to iron which is poison to a star because it gives off no energy when it fuses, and without energy to push the star outward and keep it stable, the star collapses into a sudden and spectacular super nova that explodes with such incredible force, that even heavier elements are forged.

Supernovae debris forms nebulae which are the nurseries that give birth to second generation stars rich with heavy elements, and the debris near the star forms rocky planets, some in the goldilocks zone where liquid water can form.

The early solar system was rife with proto-planets buzzing around and colliding into each other, and one such collision smacked Venus so hard she turns in the wrong direction making a day on Venus longer than a year because it takes 243 Earth days to turn on it’s axis, but only 225 days for Venus to orbit the sun.

Earth formed 4.5B years ago around a common yellow star, and somehow life formed beginning with single cell organisms that, over time, evolved into a great many creatures including humans that share a common ancestor with all life, complexly connected, sexually breeding creating competition between variations that serve to protect the species with the most suitable to their environment prevailing.

But simulation theory and multiverse theory are just that: theories. I have a theory that a man walked on water 2,000 years ago, whatever. The point is not what you believe, but what you are willing to accept, willing to tolerate, willing to respect. Intolerance of others and their beliefs is the only true threat to humanity, while science and the constant journey towards truth may be its savior.

- Donald Trump

Donald Trump seen here knowing science


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