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Trump Creating Enough Coal Jobs to Make Earth Type I Civilization

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Washington D.C. -

Donald Trump has promised clean coal jobs would be protected, and he has certainly proven to be an ally of the energy provider bolstering a record of both the successful deregulation of the coal industry and a 4% decrease in U. S. coal consumption over the previous year. And what do those two things spell? If you said jobs, you’ve been paying attention. Trump has created so many coal jobs, Earth is on the verge of creating a coal-powered Dyson Sphere!

The Kardashev scale is the measure of technological advancement based on how much solar energy a civilization can fully harness,

Type I: harness the solar energy cast across an entire planet

Type II: harness the energy output of an entire star

Type III: harness energy of entire galaxy

The sun is the most plentiful source of energy by far. Fossil fuels all combined compared to the solar energy available just on this planet is a ratio of one to trillions, and to harness the entire energy of a star is trillions times more than that. And how do we get to Type I? Clean, beautiful, coal.


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