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New Study Shows Opioid Crisis Could Be Solved with OG Kush

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Denver, CO -

An invigorating sativa-dominant hybrid strain popular for its medicinal pain and stress relief could be the key to solving the opiode crisis in America.  Studies show marijuana is great for depression and OG Kush, as well as hundreds of other strains, provides a euphoric energy far better than addictive opioids such as hydrocodone, one of the pharmaceutical most destructive drugs harming livers and all-too-often becoming killers as one of the most popular forms of suicide in women. 

Another drug, Fentanyl, kills more people when compared to other overdose cases.  The Centers for Disease Control states “among the more than 70,200 drug overdose deaths estimated in 2017, the sharpest increase occurred among deaths related to fentanyl and fentanyl analogs (other synthetic narcotics) with more than 28,400 overdose deaths.”

“Fentanyl will kill you, but marijuana is completely harmless” one “bud-tender” told me in his shop.  “Drop the pills and just smoke, man.  It might save your life.”


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