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Nancy Pelosi Tells Trump to Put His Nuts on the Table

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Washington -

After reading the roadmap to impeachment laid out by a Mueller Report proving multiple counts of obstruction of justice with damning supporting evidence, Nancy Pelosi is under increasing pressure to hold the president accountable with an up or down vote on impeachment, regardless of what the Senate decides to do with removal, to send a message to all future presidents that no one is above the law.  Pelosi knows that impeaching the president is the only remedy, and although Trump likely knows he won’t be removed, he will look at the stain on his presidency and know he was wrong for asking others to perjure themselves before Congress to thwart oversight attempts, and wrong to take countless steps to hamper the FBI’s investigation of his campaign.  

Pelosi knows what she has to do, but until she does it, Trump likely will feel pressure to do anything she asks considering she could pull the trigger on no less than ten articles of impeachment, each a reprimand for his presidential record, from the most powerful Speaker of all time.


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