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Mueller Report: New Updates

Washington D.C. -

As the 2020 election approaches, more and more evidence surfaces against Democratic star Beto O’Rourke showing he is unfit to lead the world's most powerful nation. Anonymous sources close to the president say that his birth certificate appears to have been faked, possibly by the same forger who faked Barack Hussein Obama’s (a.k.a. Obummer).

After extensive research, investigators were able to uncover that Beto was not only the candidate most like a flightless bird, but is a practicing Muslim. Alex Jones confirms he has documents showing Beto’s own admission of plans to impose Sharia Law and take guns from all Americans.

One Fox News guest on-air meltdown after learning the news stated, "First we had a black president who faked his own birth certificate and took everyone's guns, now we have a white version of Obama planning to do it too? How many Democrats are going to take our guns?!"

House Republicans pledged to "investigate the matter as many times as it takes between now and next November no matter how much political grandstanding it takes, even if we have to skip repealing Obamacare a few times along the way."


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