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MMA Codes Coaches Use During Fights

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Ever hear a coach yelling something to their fighter that doesn’t make sense? That’s code. Here are some commonly used codes in MMA and what they mean.

No Love - “Give ‘em No Love, Baby!” That’s where you rock your opponent and he is incoherent for about 7-10 seconds, and during that time, you empty the tank for a stoppage.

The Poirier - “Watch the Poirier!” That means you are keeping your chin too high and are susceptible to the rear-naked-choke.

Chaos - “Give him Chaos!” You gotta spam takedowns because your one-dimensional striking isn’t gonna get it done.

Style-bend - “You’re gonna style-bend the whole match. He can’t touch you.” Use your height advantage to control range and fight on the outside. Circle out of danger the whole time. Counter strike, move back to range.

Jon Jones - “Don’t Jon Jones yourself!” Means don’t do something to sabotage this match or your whole career like use your elbows 12-6 or beat your girlfriend because you’ll also beat yourself.

Cain Velasquez - “Time to Cain Velasquez this guy!” Means it’s time to get back. This dude deserves your venom. Get ‘em. Don’t let him run. Stalk him down.

The Dillashaw - “Grip it and Dillashaw” It means exploit your opponents injury. Shoulder out of place? Kick it all round or grab his gimp arm and beat him with it.

Tui Time - “It’s Tui Time, Baby. Hit ‘em with the Bam Bam.” Your only chance is to knock him out. Swing like you just had a couple shoeys.

Rocky - “Give ‘em the Rocky!” Feint, hide their vision with lead hand, blind head kick. Also known as “punch punch kick”.

Gamebred - “It’s okay. He’s gonna get Gamebred after dinner.” When your fighter loses to a piece of shit, so you sucker punch him outside a restaurant.

Khabib - “We’re not going Khabib here!” Fight the urge to throw something at Dillon Danis when you see him.

Diaz - “Give him the Diaz” Slap the guy until he has irreversible CTE

The Dana White - “Give this guy the Dana White, okay?” Create an environment that is heavily stacked in your favor and take advantage of the other guy in every way possible. Exploit him. You’re only in this for you.

The DC - “Win this one and then go get The DC.” Accept these shitty terms now and Dana will let you step in and pretend to be champ while the real champ sits out because he is too afraid to lose.

Sugar - “Show him the Sugar!” Move your feet around while pretending to dribble a basketball. Don’t worry about takedown defense.

Aljo - “ALJO! ALJO!” Stay down. Don’t get up. You can take your time here. If you’re hurt, and you can’t continue, you win! Just lay there and get the win!

Silvana - When you choose an outfit that shows side-boob so the judges just write you down as the winner no matter what happens. “I hope the New York State Athletic Commission doesn’t edit the scorecards live on air and overturn this Silvana”

Mazzagatti - When you look at someone who is hurt, unconscious, or dead and you give zero fucks. “As Tony lay motionless on the canvass, Chandler did a half dozen backflips like he was Steve Mazzagatti.”

Red Panty Night - “It’s red panty night!” You ready for a mediocre payday? You’re broke. You need this. Dana doesn’t pay you points.

The Chael aka “The Goat” - “Give ‘em Chael” Don’t back down, and don’t let him get too close.

Cro Cop - Use your head kick, but watch out for the head kick! “Cro Cop without getting Cro Copped, you know what I mean?”

Rose - Where you are tired of fighting because you realize that people just groomed you into something you never really wanted, taking advantage of you and your vulnerability, so you quit by giving the belt and your fame away. “Don’t give her a Rose, okay?”


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