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Jared Kushner Says Investigations Into Crimes Worse Than Crimes

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Washington D.C. -

Jared Kushner made the case today that any benefit the Trump administration might have gained by crimes committed by foreign operatives is completely ruined by the audacity of law enforcement officials to investigate those crimes.  “What’s the point?” Kushner told reporters.  “If they are going to investigate foreign countries and their efforts to affect our elections, they might find more illegal activity, and that would seriously slow down and hamper the ability of key personnel to commit crimes.  It’s an outrageous mockery!”

Kushner points to the resources necessary to investigate crimes.  “They require people who are getting paid!  That’s a misuse of resources!  Those investigators could be looking into other matters such as Hillary Clinton’s emails or Barack Obama’s birth certificate.”

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