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Everything Looks Like a Hidden Camera When You’re Paranoid

White House -  

President Trump isn’t the first person to realize that he’s been wiretapped and spied on without his knowledge.  Every day, more and more Americans find things that could very well be hidden cameras.  That Nest box above your bed, that’s a camera!  There is a microphone in the little Nest circle ⭕️ thing you control your house temperature.  Your phone, iWatch, Xbox and Alexa are always listening to you, that’s how they know to respond when you say their key phrase!  Your laptop has a camera facing you the whole time you’re using it, just like your phone!  Your car has cameras and GPS, your Kinect is always looking at you, your Uber driver recorded that time you were rude to her, and she probably gave you three stars!  Yeah, passengers get rated too!  Your bank videoed you the whole time you were getting $300 cash the other night, and they know exactly what you’re spending that cash on!  Look at your smoke detector, does that look normal?  It could be a fake.  Your smart tv is logging your shows and your laptop is sending your browser history to your mom.  Your microwave probably has a camera and cause cancer!  Wake up, people!  


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