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China Built a Wall and Look How Many Mexicans They Have: Op-Ed by Donald Trump

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

White House -

Walls work, people.  If they don’t, take them out of your house.  Not so comfortable now, are you?  Now everyone can see you crap.  

Us civilized people not raised in a shithole country know that walls can protect, walls can divide, and walls can make us feel safely tucked away from the “others”, they know who they are.  Scary stuff.

Walls protected Germany from livable conditions, they protected China from one of the Mexican country nearby.  Have you heard of the Huns?  Nobody has, because there was a big great wall.

Walls kill people (God rest Dale Earnhardt) but walls are what make a country.  If we didn’t have a wall on the Southern border (Northern border is sufficiently white enough to not even have to mention a wall) then we wouldn’t be a country at all!

Build that wall?  No, citizen, I built that wall!  It’s done!  You’re fucking welcome!

Donald J. Trump


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