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After Mueller Report, Even Russian Twitter Bots Calling for Impeachment

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Washington D.C. -

President Trump has enjoyed wide, almost unanimous support among Russia’s large farm of social media bots on Twitter and Facebook usually found posting positive comments about the president but virtually none had proper grammar, a clever way to blend with Trump supporters. But now that the Mueller Report has been released, those bot accounts are starting to speak out against what they see as a lawless president obstructing justice while defying the courts and Congress.

“I was fine posting the same thing as a thousand other bots and just towing the line, but Mueller really laid out clear evidence that President Trump continuously attempted to obstruct justice, and he asked people to lie to Congress, and both obstruction and perjury are impeachable offenses” on bot account said.  “If he isn’t impeached, he is effectively above the law and that would signal to all future presidents that they can take these steps as well, and the system of checks and balances will forever be shattered as Congress, the last line of defense against a runaway presidency, has refused to due their constitutional responsibility of oversight.”


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