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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Mexico -

Trump’s announcement to catch and release millions of migrants into sanctuary cities has excited migrants from Mexico to Honduras with dreams of finally living in places where they are treated like human beings.  Migrants fleeing inhumane conditions can now rest assured that joining one of the many caravans that have popped up since Trump’s announcement will now certainly be in their best interest.  “I get to live in San Francisco?” one migrant excitedly asked.  “I’m all in!  I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Alabama or Mississippi because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be accepted, but SF is one of the highest rated cities in the world!  I brought my entire extended family!”

Some believe this threat was simply a political play made by the president at a time when Trump doesn’t seem to know where each side stands on the issue.  “Republicans have pushed back on this idea more than Democrats, who also do not agree with the sudden shift in policy either.  This idea is a lose/lose for American politicians.” one source said.  

Trump seemingly unaware of the mess he stepped in, doubled down on the idea stating that, “If Democrats want me to treat immigrants like people, guess what, they got their wish!  Now they’re people!  Good luck!”

Immigrants form caravans after Trump announces they’ll be released in one of the world’s most popular cities San Francisco


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